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Welcome to Alternative Medicine Clinic

Orange Ray is a multi-specialty complementary medicine center which houses various healing modalities and therapies. At Orange Ray, we use no chemicals, and surgery-advised patients can be spared the trauma of the knife.

The functional and integrative medicine concept followed by Orange Ray addresses the healthcare needs of the people in a more holistic way rather than a component-based approach. All our treatment methods are formulated to achieve maximum harmony, metabolic balance, and total wellness for our patients.

Our Sciences

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Yoga Chikitsa

Yoga Chikitsa aims at complete well-being of your body. It helps to strengthen the back, leg muscles & nerves by proper posture & alignment of body.


Acupuncture is capable of relieving and preventing a variety of diseases and conditions by inserting needles into specific points on the body.


Homeopathy reduces the use of hazardous drugs and improves clinical results when integrated with quality care.


Nutrition is a study of what, when & how to eat food in order to stay strong and healthy. Eating nutritious food is one of the main aspects of being fit.


Ayurvedic medicine can help diagnose and treat inflammatory, hormonal, digestive and autoimmune conditions.


OrangeRay offers Acupressure, Reiki, Cupping treatment and also conduct Corporate wellness Program.

Corporate Wellness


Health Awareness Talks

We conduct complimentary health awareness talks (45-minutes sessions) to spread awareness about common health issues like stress, depression and neck & back pain.

Day Clinic / Persional Consultation

To address personal health issues, we can conduct a 1 or 2 days consultation camps within the corporate for acupuncture, holistic health, Ayurveda, homeopathy, nutrition etc.

Corporate Health Workshops

We conduct workshops on health, self-care and self-healing, nutrition, ergonomics, stress, work life balance and relationship management.

Retreats for Senior Management

To refresh and align the body, mind and spirit we conduct retreats which are for 2-3 days out of Chennai which not only energise the body and mind but also hone and upgrade your EQ to improve inter-personal relationships.