Post Festive Season Detox

With the subsiding of noise and chaos of the most awaited festive season, it’s time to settle down and get back to the reality of our routines. Diwali is a lavish festival where everything in any form is in excess with an overload of sweets, fun and parties. These, of course, come with consequences and impact on our health. With the simmering down of the enjoyment, you are left with yourself. You start to analyze all the binge eating of sweets and savouries. The aftermath of it is a few extra pounds. It’s natural to be unable to resist those extravagant sweets dripping with goodness and an overload of everything nice. If you are close to a panic attack, bear this in mind it happens every year!

If you are here, on this page, it is the first step to making a conscious effort at acknowledging the consequences and making an effort to deal with it.

The post-festive season is a time where everybody is talking about weight loss, detox and clean eating and it’s not just you. So let us all collectively make individualistic efforts at living a well-balanced, healthy and fulfilled life.

Here are a few tips to include into your routine that would assist you in weight loss, to detox and an eye-opener to nutrition. The key here is not for instant results but for a progressive, healthy step forward to cleanse your body from your chaotic eating.

1.Detox: The first thing to do after the festive season (where your body is facing the consequences of erratic sleep, consumption of unhealthy food and sweets and fatigue) is to detox. A Panchakarma Ayurveda detox is the best way to go about cleansing your body and gut from all of the built-up toxins, and in losing weight. This includes a week of Ayurvedic treatment including full body massages for lymphatic drainage.

2. Water, Water, Water: The simplest yet the best and the answer to all our health problems – Hydration. There is no doubt that you need the extra boosters to assist in weight loss and to detoxify your body but if you do not have your basics right then results aren’t going to be promising. Therefore, drink your water. If you are struggling to do so, download an app that acts as a reminder and monitors your water consumption, get a fancy bottle that you would love to tag along everywhere you go. Do whatever it takes to get you to drink water because Water is the key to a Healthy Balanced Life.

3. Watch what you eat: If you aren’t putting enough thought into your nutrition and meal plan – it’s high time you do. Be conscious and well aware of what you eat. Consult with a nutritionist who will understand your health and weight goals, give you a realistic and implementable diet plan and guide & motivate you through this journey.

4. Stay away from caffeine, sodas and sugar in any form: A few days into this routine and you will begin to feel good physically and mentally. Losing weight isn’t about looking good but our main reason for our weight loss should be because of the burning desire for a healthy and fulfilled life.

Bear in mind, nutrition is of high importance in all your meals, remember to detox and you are already one step ahead on your journey to weight loss.


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