Non Surgical Treatment For Lower Back Pain

“Pain is your body’s voice, so listen to your body and take necessary precautions”

Lower back pain is one of the most frequent health complaints among people. It can start in a person’s early stages of life and continue throughout adulthood. Recent studies have shown that most of the people experience lower back pain due to modern lifestyle. Back pain is ranked as one of the biggest causes of poor health and chronic stress.

What is the cause of Lower Back Pain?

The possible causes of back pain are the sedentary modern lifestyle, obesity, and certain job environments. Working in offices with poor seated posture, using a computer or a laptop for a prolonged time, driving vehicles for long hours can result in severe back pain. Aging plays an important role in degeneration and weak bones. A person with lower back pain might feel sharp pain to a dull discomfort at the lower part of the spinal cord. Pain can occur constantly or at irregular time intervals. It can come while sitting, standing, walking or even while lying down. Severe low back pain may also appear as a result of injury and can last for many months and even years unless treated properly.

Yoga therapy offers excellent treatment for chronic back pain by re-aligning the spine, conditioning the muscles, relieving spasm and correcting bad posture, all which contribute to spinal pain. A patient can resume normal life and can even take up outdoor sports, gymming, trekking etc.

For acute pain, we can couple yoga therapy with acupuncture to give a perfect complementary medicine treatment. This combination works like magic and provides a complete end to end solution.

Breathwork during Yoga therapy can relieve tension and soothe the angry muscles and sets the tone for internal healing.

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