Can a Detox Diet Really Help Me Lose Weight?

Can a Detox Diet Really Help Me Lose Weight?

Staying “slim-trim” is not the focus of models and divas alone. Everyone wants to be physically fit and on the leaner side these days. Right from school kids to IT programmers, everyone is talking about weight loss and nutrition as they have to combat health and stress issues on a daily basis. Remaining healthy and active has become the top priority for all. The best way to achieve weight-loss through selective nutrition is by using a detox diet.

What is a Detox diet?

The aim of a Detox diet is “detoxification” – elimination of toxins from our body through selective nutrition. In simple terms, Detox recommends a strict diet routine to be followed to rid your body of its harmful contaminants. There are several types of detox diets. Some of them recommend the use of raw fruits and vegetables in a prescribed manner and others prescribe medicated ghee to cleanse your body.

The Ideal Detox Diet – Dos and Don’ts

The ideal Detox Diet should be one that has the following dos and don’ts


  •  Is for a limited time span of 10-13 days only
  •  Advises the intake of raw fruits and vegetables to reduce weight
  •  Suggests a change-over from a “meat-eat” diet to a “veggie” one
  •  Insists on an intake of more lean protein and fibre
  •  Involves the intake of  juices and fluids
  •  Balances the use of  fruits, vegetables and whole grains to give a wholesome meal plan


  • Does not allow the use of refined and processed foods
  • Bans the use of  sugary and high-fat foods
  • Does not advise “crash-dieting”
  • Says a no to monotropic dieting- consuming only one type of fruit or vegetable
  • Does not leave you fatigued or hungry

How can Detox diet really help to lose weight?


A detox diet can really help you shed pounds naturally. This is because it recommends the use of whole grains, fibre, protein and fruits or vegetables that improve digestion and metabolism. This helps you to process foods faster, releases toxins and avoids accumulation of fat, thus aiding weight loss.


Since a detox diet does not use any drugs or pills to remove toxins, it is totally safe. Do not go in for any detox diet plan that recommends the use of drugs. The green vegetables and whole grains will improve digestion and eliminate wastes from your body, thus naturally reducing weight.


A classic detox diet will not suggest the use of a single type of food or vegetable alone.  Monotropic diets propose eating only one fruit or vegetable alone for a day or two. This will lead to a loss of proteins, vitamins, and energy, leaving the person hungry and fatigued.

An ideal detox plan advocates measured intake of whole grains, vegetables, and fruits with plenty of water to flush the toxins and cleanse the body while keeping the person revived and rejuvenated. This balanced nutrition reduces body mass and improves physical fitness.


Detox diets are best for improving health and immunity. This is because they use fruits and vegetables which are rich in antioxidants and vitamins. Antioxidants prevent the formation of free radicals and thus reducing the incidence of diseases with vitamins comes immunity against illnesses and energy to work more.

Full of fluids and rich in energy, the fruits, and vegetables in the detox diet helps one lose weight while retaining energy.

A Detox diet is an organic and safe approach to weight loss by the use of balanced nutrition.

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