What Ayurvedic Detoxification Is & Why You Need It

What Ayurvedic Detoxification Is & Why You Need It

Detoxification is the purification of all the organs of your body, mind, and soul. We tend to clean our external parts of the body every day but what about the internal parts of the body that is left uncleaned for so many years? Detoxification is the only process to clean the internal organs of the body.

Toxic matter sets up in our body, and if left uncleansed the problem arises. From simple diseases like cold, cough, allergies to complex diseases like psychological conditions, skin diseases, obesity or even cancer can be caused if our internal organs are not freed from toxins. Ama (in Sanskrit) means toxic matter, and Ama destroys Agni – Agni is our digestive fire.

When digestion is interrupted, the nourishing process of our body, the assimilation and the removal of toxins are interrupted as well. This is how other negative forces come into our system. Detoxification is one solution that can help you from simple to complicated body ailments.

Detoxing protocols and Ayurveda are very unique to this holistic system of medicine. According to Ayurveda, any form of a mono diet, eating one type of food over multiple days allows the body the opportunity to cleanse itself.

How Detoxification Works?

Agni is a digestive fire inside each individual and it digests all that comes into our 5 senses from thoughts, feelings and emotions. So if we keep the diet simple and not attach it with the digestive fire, it allows tension to start burning the toxicity out of the system slowly.

Ayurveda strongly recommends detoxification and overhaul from time to time. If the food we eat every day is not digested properly due to different reasons, it leaves behind undigested substances that further block the body’s channels and interfere with the functioning of the organs. This toxic build-up should be removed from the body periodically to maintain good health.

According to Ayurveda, Panchakarma is the complete detoxification process which involves the 5 cleansing actions.

Vamana – Therapeutic Vomiting

Virechana– Purgation therapy (Oral administration of substances which promotes purgation)

Nasya – Nasal oils (Nasal administration of certain medicated oils)

Basti – Medicated Enema (Administration of medicated enema)

Rakta Moksha – (Blood Letting or methods of blood cleansing)

Ayurvedic Detoxification essentially helps to clean those parts which we can’t reach by our hands or we can’t touch. Only when these organs are cleaned, you can activate the total potential of the body system

Why you Need Ayurvedic Detoxification?

India was an agricultural society earlier. The only form of work that people were had was going into the fields, cutting, ploughing, sowing, etc. These activities naturally exercised the body every day. Slowly we moved on to having sedentary habits, wherein the accumulation of toxins within the body started increasing.

Environmental factors such as stress, pollution etc, which play a huge role in health, have also drastically changed. These days, health, exercise and wellbeing have taken a backseat and people are falling prey to lifestyle conditions and chronic diseases at such a young age. Regular maintenance of both our internal and external organs is absolutely pivotal for us to lead a disease-free life!

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